Hackathon logistics


Dear BONSAI hackathon participants:

Thanks again for agreeing to participate, and we look forward to
meeting you all in Barcelona!

Here are some logistical details:

Please plan to arrive on Sunday, March 24. We would like to get
started Monday morning. The hackathon will officially end on Friday
mid-afternoon, with the expectation that most people will leave Friday

The hackathon will be at a rented team space at Travessera de Dalt 33,
08024 Barcelona (see attached).

If we are covering your expenses, please be aware of the following:

* You should book your tickets and hotel/apartment yourself. You can
send receipts to Bo Weidema for reimbursement (bo.weidema@...).
* Our budget is given here:
Please stay within the suggested limits.
* We will eat group lunches & dinners. There will not be a cash per diem.

Please reply to this message (instead of me directly) if you have questions, as others may have the same question.


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