Re: IMPORTANT - Group, roles, and hackathon preparation


Dear all-

The hackathon starts in less than two weeks, and in order for it to be successful we will need to be well coordinated. A few working groups have made some real progress, but I don't see any forward movement on most of the others. Please already start thinking and discussing how the skills of the different team members can fit together, how each team member can have agency, and how team management can include remote participants.

To be more specific: By Friday, March 15, please add your group to the hackathon readme, with a brief description of what to expect before and during the hackathon. Ideally there would also be a Github repo, project management, etc. as well.  

Stefano and Rutger, I don't see your responses to the working group poll.

Miguel R, there has been substantial discussion on the BONSAI ontology - we would love to get your inputs!


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