Competency Questions #ontology #rdf

Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Hi all,
an important initial step to align our intentions and clarify the scope of the ontology and the goals of the database is to identify a set of "Competency Questions".
Those are questions that should be addressable by the database.

Below you will find a small set taken from the literature I've found. I would ask you to think of questions that have very high importance to you.
Please accompany them with an example.
In this phase I would ask you NOT to comment on other people questions.
Yet, feel free to propose a new question and mark it as alternative to a previously proposed question.
I'm using a very naive encoding here to identify questions.


(ML_Q1) Is the flow $x$ a determining product for the activity $y$ ?
          (e.g., electricity from a power plant)

(ML_Q2) Is input flow $x$ required for activity $y$?
          (e.g., coal for electricity from a power plant)

(ML_Q3) What is the amount of flow $x$ emitted as output during the time period $y$ ?
         (e.g., the emission of landfill gas)

(ML_Q4) What is the location of the agent performing the activity $y$?
         (e.g.,where is the coal power plant located)

(ML_Q5)  What other agents performing the same type of activity of agent $z$ are present in the same location $w$ ?
        (e.g, power plants in Germany)

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