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Massimo Pizzol

>>> you asked about two different things: 1) carbon dioxide equivalents, which is a generic concept, 2) Global Warming Potentials, which are specific weighting factors for GreenHouseGases under a specific normative paradigm.

Thanks again. All clear.

(and now returning back to the original thread…) What I was asking for the is the same type of information: a value measured in CO2-equivalents. But in the first case it was this was “just” the value associated with a a specific flow (value of the carbon dioxide (or methane) emission expresses in the CO2-equivalents unit.), whereas in the second case was the value obtained from the calculation over the product system (sum of all the GHG emissions of the product system converted into the CO2-equivalents unit). I didn’t know how to formulate it correctly according to the format Matteo asked. But these would be typical LCA queries IMO.



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