Re: Meeting #rdf #ontology at 10:00 AM (Zoom connection details attached) #ontology #rdf

Massimo Pizzol

Great minutes, thanks for sending them and I look really much forward to next meeting.


I’ll try to answer the question below:


>>>GitHub repos- BEP 0003 and Deliverables: If we plan to have two different platforms of GitHub. We must clarify on how they would be used by participants in the group. And most importantly avoid duplication of information Action – Ask Chris and Massimo on how they will be used.

  • In the ontology repository we include the deliverables of the WG activities. I.e. all the outputs resulting from the work of the group. For example:
    • The final schema + example (as a link or figure)
    • Minutes of the group meetings (as the one you sent…but in markdown format!)
    • …other products
  • In the Enhancements repository we put:
    • The Ontology BEP (right now it’s here, but once finalized will be then moved here via pull request), which is a meta-level formalization of the process and its results and is collected in the same place as other BEPs.


The difference if I understand correctly is that the deliverables are used for operation while the BEP is used for management. Therefore they are separated. This should allow for minimal duplication of information.

This is my understanding at least but please correct me if I am wrong.






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