Re: Meeting #rdf #ontology at 10:00 AM (Zoom connection details attached) #ontology #rdf


I agree with Massimo; let me add a few thoughts.

1. There is no perfect schema, or at least we won't find one in the next weeks. So I think at some point it is better to have something with holes than nothing, as the other groups are already starting to write code.

2. Similarly, it would be quite nice to get a interchange format recommendation. You might not think this matters, but if you leave it to us we will all choose different things. Python people like JSON(-LD), but really up to you.

3. I can imagine ending up with multiple repos as we start to write code on conversion to other formats, or validation. But for now your repo is a way to document *how* you came up with what you did. The ontology will be questioned, as there is more than one way of modelling things, and especially LCA people all have their own mental model. So it is especially important to be as transparent as possible (e.g. minutes in formats that are searchable without download).

4. The BEP is the end product of your work - in it, you need to describe your proposal in detail, including what you considered and rejected. Someone should be able to follow the standard by only reading the BEP, though it is allowed in the BEP to reference external material (test cases, reference implementations, examples).

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