Re: Hackathon concept and deliverables - request for comment

Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Hi all,

I though would be appropriate for me to help with the definition of the deliverables.
I think task "a) Matching of EXIOBASE to the BONSAI ontology set, and import into an RDF database"
would be the crucial one.

For that to be successful, that is, for the RDF data to be accessible, understandable, maintainable, expandable, and - very importantly- interoperable, we would require to move from the description of the ontology here
to a proper ontology definition + an RDF Schema.
These should be mapped and matched with existing standards and vocabularies, in particular I suggest the QB[1] and QB4OLAP [2] as vocabularies, and to link to established ontologies like GeoNames [6].

Hence, on the side of the domain experts, I would imagine the first deliverables to be pictures like the one here [3] for the ontology and here [4,5] for the schema.
These are to be accompanied with a set of URI and RDF predicates which will constitute the BONSAI vocabulary.
With similar pictorial representation and the provided URI/predicates, it would be easy for any programmer to provide the required RDF specification and translation code for the data, and for anyone else to understand and re-use or link to the data you are publishing.

The decisions about how to structure those are the crucial point where those familiar with the data and the domain can clearly provide the "added-value".

I hope the above is useful to you, and please let me know whether I should elaborate in more details about anything.
I'll be happy to help you navigate the technicalities of the specifications of course.



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