Re: #reproduciblemodels working group - getting organized #reproduciblemodels

Massimo Pizzol

Next week better for me, Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Doodle perhaps?



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Dear all


I am  also available today although from 13pm “GMT-4” (I think 10 am pacific time), although talking today may be a bit of a stretch.


Otherwise at any time next week at “CET times” (not before 8am CET please !)




Miguel F. Ast.






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Subject: Re: [hackathon2019] #reproduciblemodels working group - getting organized


OK, I added a basic overview to the main README and added you all as contributors to the reproducibility repo. Please commit with wild abandon.

Regarding a call- I am free after 9am US pacific (I think 5pm CET) Thursday or Friday- not unfortunately Thursday night / Friday morning. Another possibility is to use github issues and comments for discussion. First person to open a new issue gets a cigar.


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