Re: Hackthon management/software development philosophy

tomas Navarrete

I have the impression that SCRUM is maybe a little too much when dealing with teams of less than 6 members. Luckily, we may end up being more than 6 ;)

- I think we can follow a light version of SCRUM, maybe with less stand-up meetings and more work (since our sprint may be too small). Something like Trello could be used to asign tasks/user stories and keep track of who is participating in which one.

- Now that the list of participants a bit more "stable", I suggest we start identifying skills and interests so that we can create teams (and eventually make them responsible for the user stories)

- As for quality, we could use sonar metrics as the tool ( )  + define a base threshold for coverage. The drawback is that we would need to get used to do some checking before pushing code.

More importantly, I think that we must first to production and secondly to quality in this phase where we want to "see that it works".

"Chris Mutel" ---02/23/2019 08:01:52 AM---Thanks for Brandon and Tomas for bringing up the principle of test-driven development. I agree that

From: "Chris Mutel" <cmutel@...>
Date: 02/23/2019 08:01 AM
Subject: [hackathon2019] Hackthon management/software development philosophy
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Thanks for Brandon and Tomas for bringing up the principle of test-driven development. I agree that this approach is absolutely correct, but I want to open up the broader question of hackthon task management and resource planning - do we want to formally adopt something like SCRUM ( Having participated in several hackathon-type events, I have seen several examples of poor resource management.

I would very much appreciate someone volunteering to take the lead here, and create a small working group that will development a guidance document (in the Github repo) and prepare a presentation for Monday morning (March 25) introducing the approach agreed upon to the rest of the group.

I see the following key questions:
- How strict do we want to be following a particular system?
- How can we make sure that software/other efforts aren't duplicated?
- How can we make sure that each persons capabilities are being used effectively and in line with their interests?
- What tools can we use to improve the quality and usability of the code produced (e.g. TDD/BDD, documentation)?

We can create a hashtag ( for this discussion so people not directly involved can more easily filter it.

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