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Bo Weidema

Dear Miguel,

These are relevant issues. However, for the time being, we have restricted ourselves to data that relect averages with a duration of minimum 1 year. This is because these are the typical data used, and a larger granularity would risk an overcomplication relative to the typical data in use in the domain. Nevertheless, I believe that in the future, it will be relevant to allow more flexibility here, and I think that will also be possible without actually changing the ontology. The current restriction is not ontological, just practical.

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Den 2019-03-18 kl. 05.24 skrev mmremolona via Groups.Io:

Hi all,

Sorry for not participating as much the past few weeks. I'm trying to catch up with what everyone has said so far.

In terms of these competency questions. I guess the question that Massimo is asking is with respect to time scales and time windows. I'm not entirely familiar with the dataset that is available in the domain, but these time scales for measurements can cause some incongruity in the representation that is finally done in the ontologies. I'm not sure if the questions I ask are of the type to be included in these competency questions but my opinions are as follows:

(MR_Q1) What is the time granularity of the data that we acquire? This includes flow rates and production statistics. I also assume this varies with the different sources of data. Some data may already be averaged (Do we handle these differently?).
(MR_Q2) Are we going to aggregate data as part of the ontology specification or is this left for other parts of the pipeline? And if we are to aggregate data, to what degree and time scales? (per hour, per day, per week - I think this depends on how often we aggregate data and what data is available, I don't think a per minute data is significant enough in the overall scheme of LCA but I might be wrong) 

As of now, these are the questions that came to my head as I'm reading along the threads in this group. I'll post more ideas as I come across them.


Miguel Remolona

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