Re: Competency Questions #ontology #rdf

Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Dear all,

I've collected the discussion and something more re: competency questions in the wiki for the RDF framework repository[1],
this will have to be restructured.
Please feel free to fix any typo or other issue you'll see.
Also, let me know if you add any new competency question.

There are a number of things still open on this. For instance, in the questions come up the concept of macroeconomic scenario which is not present in the data I've seen.
To this, probably (or maybe not, please let me know) connects the issue on Input/Output.

In our last conversation it appeared this very important detail that was missing to me (and so to the modeling):
The EXIOBASE data is a specific static snaptshot, in this data the center is actually the activities and each flow is either input to 1 or output to 1 activity only.
E.g. there is this steel production SP1 that consume someĀ  coal C1 and outputs some steel S1.
Then there is this other steel production SP2 that consume some different coal C2 and outputs some other steel S2.
Then there is this coal mine CM1 that outputs some coal C3.
Then there is this other coal mine CM2 that outputs some coal C4.

When we reason about product footprint, then intervenes some other data/analysis process that links in some way flows, so only at this point we can record:
That the coal C4 from CM2 is actually used as the input coal C1 for SP1.
The coal C3 from CM1 is actually the input coal for SP2.

So C4=C1 -> at the same time output (of CM2) and input (for SP1), is this the issue ?

Yet, there may be cases like the following:
CM1 which outputs C3 actually split 70% in C1 forĀ  SP1 and 30% in C2 for SP2.

Please, let me know if I'm understanding this correctly.

Thanks a lot,


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