Re: Hackthon management/software development philosophy


On Mon, 25 Feb 2019 at 09:33, tomas Navarrete <tomas.navarrete@...> wrote:

I have the impression that SCRUM is maybe a little too much when dealing with teams of less than 6 members. Luckily, we may end up being more than 6 ;)

Thanks Tomas. As you seem to know what you are talking about here, can I nominate you as the head of this working group?

- I think we can follow a light version of SCRUM, maybe with less stand-up meetings and more work (since our sprint may be too small). Something like Trello could be used to asign tasks/user stories and keep track of who is participating in which one.

Can we use Github projects ( Just to keep things simple?

- Now that the list of participants a bit more "stable", I suggest we start identifying skills and interests so that we can create teams (and eventually make them responsible for the user stories)

- As for quality, we could use sonar metrics as the tool ( )  + define a base threshold for coverage. The drawback is that we would need to get used to do some checking before pushing code.

If we follow the pull request workflow, then there is no drawback - hopefully you get things right the first time, but have a chance to see the code quality reports before merging into the master branch. This has worked well for me in the past, as I always seem to forget something...

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