Re: Competency Questions #ontology #rdf

Bo Weidema

Den 2019-03-18 kl. 23.35 skrev Matteo Lissandrini (AAU):

the concept of macroeconomic scenario which is not present in the data I've seen.
Please see the BONSAI glossary:

In our last conversation it appeared this very important detail that was missing to me (and so to the modeling):
The EXIOBASE data is a specific static snaptshot, in this data the center is actually the activities and each flow is either input to 1 or output to 1 activity only.
When we reason about product footprint, then intervenes some other data/analysis process that links in some way flows, so only at this point we can record:
That the coal C4 from CM2 is actually used as the input coal C1 for SP1.
Yes, there are in fact (at least) two different instances of the database:

- one before linking, in which flows are only recorded as being either inputs to or outputs from an activity

- one after linking (which implies the application of the algorithms of a specific system model, as described by Chris), where each flow is recorded as a flow between two specific activities

The ontology can (or should be able to) handle both these instances.


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