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Miguel Fernández Astudillo

Dear all


It may be worth adding a couple of references to explain why doing all this version control, documentation, and testing is important. For people who are well-versed in software development this may sound obvious but for many others this is totally new. Maybe some of this should go on the “getting started” guidelines.  


Specifically, I was thinking about some papers like:





I’ve just seen this intro to version control




Miguel (Astudillo)



From: <> On Behalf Of Stefano Merciai
Sent: 15 March 2019 16:02
Subject: Re: [hackathon2019] #softwaremethods Python library skeleton


Dear Brandon and Tomas,

I am sorry but I have withdrawn from the group to better focus on other issues.




On 14/03/2019 23:28, Chris Mutel wrote:

Dear Brandon, Stefano, and Tomas:

As I did not see much movement from your working group, I have done the following:

Please follow up and complete these deliverables, as people will be reliant on them from the start of the hackathon.


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