Action required: Hackathon final planning


Dear all-

The hackathon is coming soon, and there are still a few things we need to lock down. Please read the following carefully. If you come to Barcelona unprepared, we will be sad...

1. Please read through the agenda, and prepare any input assigned to you on Monday morning. We can adjust the agenda as needed, but you can also suggest changes via email or PR (Bo, could you please add the Zoom meeting links to the agenda?).

2. We will use as the hackathon project board - a central location to see how each working group is progressing. Working group coordinators, please add your deliverables ASAP. To add a list of specific tasks, use this formatting: "(space)-(space)[(space)](space)Description of task". The project board will then show your progress on this issue. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

3. Similarly, please add your working group to following the example of other working groups.

The hackathon starts with a telemeeting at 9:00 (Barcelona time) on Monday, March 25. If needed, you can call me at +41 76 47 42 459, or Bo at +45 212 32 948.

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