Re: Start of the #ontology sub-group #ontology

Massimo Pizzol

Within yesterday’s correspondence on biosphere flows and reference flows Agneta wrote that:


>> [for doing LCA…] we can develop a secondary ontology which continues to use BONSAI as the primary ontology and build on top of it.


My understanding right now is that a RDF-type database built from raw data linked using our ontology in its current format can be queried to automatically generate a list of the input and output flows of a number of activities, with the main advantage being that although the raw data might be from different sources, the activities and flows in the list will be uniquely and consistently identified.


But how to convert the list in a specific format and for a specific purpose (e.g. organize the activities and flows in B matrix + square A matrix to be used in the g = BA-1f calculation for LCA) remains outside the scope of this ontology. This conversion should be regarded as a separate step. One would have to develop another additional ontology on top of the base one, or using some additional information external to the ontology like a list specifying what are the biosphere flows, or make other additional assumptions and choices like deciding which of two output flows is the determining one and applying one or another method to solve multifunctionality.


I have been wrong before so…is my understanding correct? I hope this helps in aligning expectations.



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