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Massimo Pizzol

When I tried to create metadata yesterday for one of the tables (isic4 to Nace2 I think) that table was in the format you describe. The problem was that some columns had mixed data types (e.g. strings and numbers) and the infer function got it wrong so I had to manually fix this. So I would suggest to keep data types homogeneous within the same column – if possible!


Not sure how to deal with missing values but I don’t think using e.g. zero is a good option so I would also go for empty value. OK for separator and header.




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Dear all


For consistency I think we should specify a bit more the format of the final tables


Separator: I’d propose “,”

null values: An empty value seems reasonable to me, but I do not have a strong preference.

Header: just one row, the first one


That should help the parser later on. What do you think?




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Agree. Isn t this also the current format of the tables?

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