Namespaces (URIs)


Hi everyone

The ontology group understands that most of us are currently busy converting their raw data to rdf format based on the bonsai ontology. We have the following namespaces to refer to the vocabularies we need to refer to. Here are some example prefixes* and the URLs the refer to:

@prefix rdfs:<> . #(generic rdf schema to define class, subclass, etc)

@prefix bont:<>. #(Bonsai rdf schema to defineĀ  activity, flow, flow objects)

@prefix om2:<> . #(Schema for units of measure, used to define units, give numerical value)

@prefix time:<>. #(Schema to define temporal extent)

@prefix act:<>. #(exiobase URI to define the activity type instances)
@prefix flo:<>. #(exiobase URI to define the flow object instances)
@prefix unit:<>. #(exiobase URI to define the unit instances)
@prefix loc:<>. #(exiobase URI to define the location instances)

*prefixes used to shorten the URL, it can be defined by the user

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