Re: Post-hackathon ontology group #ontology #followup

Elias Sebastian Azzi


Thanks for your input.

* You should have received an invitation, Google Drive file. Overleaf is interesting indeed; if a majority wants it, we can switch.


* Web Conference and paper format: to be settled collectively; next Zoom meeting is on Friday, right?


* Regarding, Bo's point on product footprint; then should add also background on the EU PEF that is soon to be released (in my understanding of the PEF policy, i.e. compulsory PEF to enter the EU market, demand for product foot printing is going to skyrocket in the coming years).

Have a nice week-end; amazing spring day in Stockholm; trees ready to burgeon; went to some seed exchange event: the garden will soon be full of plants. If you pass by Stockholm, let me know ;-)

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