Re: Post-hackathon ontology group #ontology #followup


On Sat, 30 Mar 2019 at 13:29, Massimo Pizzol <> wrote:
I would prefer using Goole docs for a draft. if this is to become a sci paper it can't be a public document but it should be accessible to contributors only and via invitation.
Sorry to post something somewhat off-topic, but this statement is not
correct - peer-reviewed publications can absolutely be developed in
the open, and even some vintage pay-for-access journals such as ES&T
will allow you to publish pre-prints on e.g.
( As this
paper would be the supporting documentation for the choices and use of
the ontology, I would strongly recommend that it a) be developed in
the open, so that people can read up on its use, and any new changes
that you might make, and b) be submitted to an truly open access
journal such as ERL or PLOS One.

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