News and updates #correspondencetables

Michele De Rosa

Dear all,

I have received an update form the UNSD Statistical Classification office. This was the source of most of the tables that we currently have on GitHub. These were then removed from UNSD webpage due to an internal major restructure within the UNSD. The individual components of the UNSD classifications program are now decentralized and assigned to the substantive Branches.

UNSD is now upgrading the classifications website. Although the project is large and not yet completed, they are currently reviewing the economic classifications page to ensure that all the economic classification products and correspondence tables are correct and available on the website in a machine readable versions.

These could be a valid source for updated correspondence tables in the future, if required. As you can see, they now have an overview of the available correspondence tables and their format in a matrix-like format, just as the one we previously developed internally (and asked them to develop).



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