#bentso Next steps for pumped hydro model #bentso


(This message is mostly for Carlos :)

I think it would make sense to separate the pumped hydro optimization model from the `bentso` code, as they are really two libraries aimed at two different things. Probably you should copy the python skeleton framework, and then commit something to your own personal repository (as this is your own work).

I think it would also make sense to invest a bit in validating the model. There are obviously a lot of people working in this area (e.g. https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/energy-procedia/vol/87/suppl/C), though I don't know if there are any good open-source models, and I haven't found any validation data. You should reach out to the open energy modelling folk (http://openmod-initiative.org/), this is their bread and butter.

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