Re: #correspondencetables : from raw to triplets #correspondencetables

Miguel Fernández Astudillo

Hello hello

lets see if I am getting this right.

Chris, when you say "put metadata systems in their native form into arborist (e.g. ISIC 3, ISIC 4, HS1, NACE, NAICS, CPC)" does that mean "as downloaded?" are we talking about the "list of possible names" (e.g. stuff under "codes and descriptions) (e.g. "ISIC_Rev_4_english_structure.txt") If so I would put only the needed ones. I dont think we need "HS1988"

would it be to create the URIs? e.g. <>:Manufacturing a bont:ActivityType

and later move to the "official" (=ready to use?) correspondance tables specifying predicates?

To make use of the existing correspondance tables I think we would need "exiobase2 to exiobase3" otherwise they are completely disconnected to the (core?) of the database.

best, Miguel

PS: I think a getting started guide urges, I am getting lost already!

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