IT requirements for the hackathon


1. I will be providing a small NAS/git server to facilitate collaboration during the hackathon, in case our internet goes down or is not a good as we think. On this box, I will have the EXIOBASE data and the developed correspondence tables to/from the different classification systems that we will be using. Please suggest any other data that you think would be helpful!

Note that this NAS is a Raspberry Pi, and so it can't do any really difficult tasks.

2. We have a server at Univ. Aalborg running a Jena ( database. However, we would also like to be able to deploy web apps as subdomains of Bo, how much flexibility do we have here? It would be good to have public documentation of the BONSAI architecture, including registrar, hosting of, etc.

3. Are there any other IT needs or suggestions?

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