IMPORTANT - Group, roles, and hackathon preparation


It is time to choose a task or two and start working. Please complete the following ASAP:

  • ¬†Register with Github
  • Get familiar with the Github pull request (PR) workflow: Set up a practice repo and do a dummy PR if this is new for you.
  • Add your username to If you don't have write permission, submit a PR
There will be more tasks coming as we prepare intro stuff and make specific technical decisions :)

Working groups

In each of the following groups, I need someone to volunteer to serve as the coordinator. This person will be responsible for organizing the groups work, and completing any deliverables due before the hackathon.

The following are only my suggestions - each group can decide on their own how they will work together. You canalso self-organize and create your own working groups! See some ideas in the stretch goals here:

Python skeleton

A framework for building Python libraries that helps people get started quickly.

There is some content there already, needs to have some issues closed and then be tested.

The bentso working group depends on this to be finished, so completion of at least the first stage well before the hackathon start is a priority.

Output: Github repo

BONSAI ontology

Suggested coordinator: Bo

We will try to reuse existing ontologies as much as possible, but some custom ontology development is inevitable. Key discussion points for this group:
  • List of biosphere flows
  • Namespacing. Instead of the draft Python script, it might be better to use the as the root of the URIs
There are controversial choices here, so the development should be open. This means:
  • Source data should be included for custom ontologies, e.g. EXIOBASE metadata file, along with code transforming this to the RDF/whatever file
  • Discussion on value judgments should be in Github issues
Output: New github repo with rdf/turtle/whatever, with RDF hosting on server. A first version should be completed before the hackathon start.

RDF framework

Suggested coordinator: Agneta

No pressure or anything, but this is the most important working group, as other groups depend on it to produce results in a timely manner.

This group will select the overall framework and specific ontologies to be used in the hackathon, and communicate them in a human- and computer-readable fashion. Should include outputs from the BONSAI ontology working group.

Output: New github repo with first version of rdf/turtle/whatever, and discussion in issues as to what was chosen and why, before the hackathon start. Updating the bonsai wiki can come during or after the hackathon.

Model reproducability

Suggested coordinator: Brandon

Technical guidelines and examples for interoperable life cycle inventory models models that also meet the standards that Brandon has developed.

Should proceed in accordance with bentso, which will be an example of these best practices.

Output: New github repo with standards and discussion. Not due before hackathon start.

Software development methodology

Suggested coordinator: Tomas

  • ¬†How to use Github issues, branching, and PRs effectively
  • How to use Python code quality checks effectively
  • How to use kanban boards + SCRUM-lite methodology
Output: Guide in hackathon repo, and presentation (with examples) to be given at beginning of hackathon.

Getting started guide

Suggested coordinator: Tom

Output: New github repo with guides that can be finished in ~15 minutes before start of hackathon.

SimaPro integration

Suggested coordinator: Rutger

Conversion from RDF to SimaPro CSV

Output: Documentation of SimaPro CSV format, and library to convert to/from RDF by end of hackathon.

bentso model

Suggested coordinator: Chris

BONSAI living model for European electricity via ENTSO-E API.

Output: Working model by the end of the hackathon. Basic querying functionality should be available before hackathon start.

Correspondence tables

Usable correspondence tables between different schemas, e.g. EXIOBASE/ecoinvent/BONSAI RDF.
  • Create as datapackage (base format, as this is the easiest for people to edit/consume)
  • Tool to convert to/from RDF
  • Open technical discussion and recommendations on dealing with 1-N, N-1, M-N
  • Python library to apply datapackage to data without thinking
Output: New Github repo. Conversion of existing BONSAI corresponsdence tables and working software by end of hackathon.

I will send out a separate email with a poll with option to sign up for the different groups.

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