Hackathon concept and deliverables - request for comment


Dear Hackathon participants:

It is time to start preparing in earnest for our joint work at the end of March.

The following deliverables are required at the end of our time together:

a) Matching of EXIOBASE to the BONSAI ontology set, and import into an RDF database
b) Standards and implementation for updatable (transparent, executable) LCI data models
c) Matching of output from b to the same ontology, and import into an RDF database
d) Export of a reconciled database containing both input sources

This is already quite a lot, so I don't think we need to add more tasks, at least for now!

To actually accomplish these objectives in a large, diverse, and dispersed team, I propose that we follow the UNIX philosophy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy), namely that we have a set of tools that each do one thing well. The BONSAI ontology can form the foundation for how these individual tools can transfer data with each other - in particular, the standards developed in task b become much easier if we just require the interface language spec to be the set of ontologies that BONSAI will use.

The model in task b will be either European electricity generation, distribution, trade, and losses/conversion; or, a model of automobile transportation where one can specify the model, number of passengers, etc. The groundwork for both of these models has already been done at PSI.

Before going into detailed planning, I would like your first reactions to the concept of the hackathon. If you are not familiar with these ideas, I have written a bit about my specific vision here: https://chris.mutel.org/next-steps.html


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