Re: IMPORTANT - Group, roles, and hackathon preparation


Dear team participants:

Thanks for signing up! To have an effective hackathon, each team needs to have a detailed plan of what they can realistically accomplish, and prepare adequately beforehand. A common problem in hackathons is that a few people take charge of the project core, and the rest don't really know what needs to be done or how they can contribute. Therefore, please already start thinking and discussing how the skills of the different team members can fit together, how each team member can have agency, and how team management can include remote participants.

I have tried to create a graph of project team dependencies. This is just something I came up with on a Sunday morning, you can edit it here (but you will need graphviz installed to generate a new image). Due to the high level of interdependency in the hackathon, please add a section to the hackathon readme with your project team organization as soon as possible.

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