Re: Default BONSAI licenses

Bo Weidema

Re. data licenses, we have currently this text:

The idea is that BONSAI data should be as open as possible, but allowing for more restrictive datapoints (dq:observations) as well, so that the license applicable to any query result will depend on the datapoint with the most restrictive license. A query can then filter out those data points that have too restrictive a license for the intended application. The practical implementation of this requires a definite hierarchy of license types.

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Den 2019-03-01 kl. 10.47 skrev Chris Mutel:

Nice, so for the data we shall use the CC share-alike as well?
Can discuss during the hackathon, but my reading is that any data
product which builds on EXIOBASE would then need to covered by
share-alike as well.

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