Start of the #ontology sub-group #ontology

Bo Weidema

This message is for those who signed up for the ontology sub-group (Current members: Bo, Elias, Massimo); if this isn't you, you can mute the #ontology hashtag.

Based on the description by Chris and Matteo, I think the tasks for the ontology sub-group, to be distributed among us, is:

1) Upload task description for sub-group (do we need a project board?)

2) Coordinate tasks with sub-group on RDF (Agneta, Matteo) as it is not completely clear where the borderline between these two groups are

3) Decide on namespacing for the part of the ontology that is BONSAI-specific (i.e., which does not reside elsewhere): Suggestion to use - or - any other suggestions or arguments for one or the other?

3a) Create a "proper" ontology definition, based on the content of - in the form of a picture like the one in the "minimal ontology pattern". Matteo suggests to use the vocabs QB and/or QB4OLAP for this. This also implies the creation of initial classifications for activities and flow-objects (including biosphere flows) as per - ensuring that we also include metadata for our testbench EXIOBASE dataset.

3b) Complement 3a) with an RDF schema, like in or

3c) Place output of 3a) and 3 b) on new github repo.

3d) Link from wiki to 3c) and provide also here any arguments for choices made or alternatives considered.


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