Re: Weekly Q&A with Chris


On Tue, 5 Mar 2019 at 22:39, Brandon Kuczenski <bkuczenski@...> wrote:
Hi all...
Speaking as someone working remotely (and someone who is just now making his way through the email queue), I want to bring up a few points. Number one, I am 9 hours delayed from CEST, which means that y'all will be starting your day at midnight Pacific time and probably wrapping up around 9am.
For me, I am a night owl so I will probably be able to overlap at the beginning and the very-end of your work days, but I'm afraid I cannot go full nocturnal for the week. So I can be present for the morning scrum and the evening wrap-up (hopefully both will be on Zoom)

We also have a group of people in the Philippines, so you won't be the only one suffering!
One thing this suggests is that my work can be to review the progress of the day and offer recommendations and critiques.
(It would mean that I'm an ideal person to work on testing and CI, but unfortunately I do not feel like I have the skills to do that by myself)
Anyway, I am already feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed so hopefully the next 3 weeks will bring some organizing and clarity.
A question for the group: where should I do my planning for my portion of the project? I have been nominated by Chris to lead the "reproducibility" working group, and I accept. It is recommended to edit the repo README, but this seems like a bad place to put anything other than cursory details. Where are we doing the real planning? Perhaps the wiki that belongs to the github repo?

You and the other group members will have to decide this collectively, but it seems like a new repository would be a natural choice. We encourage the use of Github project management tools like issues and the project board, to enhance transparency and allow others to more easily jump in and see a place they could quickly contribute.

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