Re: Hackathon concept and deliverables - request for comment

Bo Weidema

Den 2019-02-22 kl. 08.57 skrev tomas Navarrete:

before diving into b Where is the BONSAI ontology ?

(this is not provided in any formal ontology-language, but I assume someone more well versed in such languages should be able to translate from the text?)

Anyway, I assume we should pay more attention to "b) Standards and implementation for updatable (transparent, executable) LCI data models"

I think there may be some confusion here. As I understood Chris's request, this is what we in ecoinvent informally have called "LCI modules" - not to be confused with full "system models" as I understand Brandon's interpretation. But "LCI modules" (or maybe better call them "activity modules") have not been defined as part of the BONSAI ontology yet (nor have they been implemented in ecoinvent). So the first task here would be to make a more precise definition of what is an "activity module".

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