Re: Start of the #ontology sub-group #ontology

Bo Weidema

Den 2019-03-11 kl. 12.42 skrev Matteo Lissandrini (AAU):

- Regarding PROV-O i have the impression that this is not appropriate. The ontology, as I understand it, is designed to describe 'provenance' in the sense of Data Lineage [7], so I think there would be a semantic mismatch.
Is there a semantic difference of the input of data and the input of a physical "thing"?

Note also that there are example use cases that are currently not well addressed by my draft, e.g., storage of goods.
We may need to distinguish between "stock" as an activity (having inputs and outputs over a specified period) for use in a transactions matrix and "stock" as the amount stored at a specific point in time for use in a balance sheet.

I'm also not sure about the class name "ReferenceFlow", the way I understood it is probably better described by "ReferenceOutput" ?
A reference flow does not need to be an output. It can also be an input, e.g. a waste or by-product for disposal or recycling.

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