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Bo Weidema

Den 2019-03-12 kl. 10.28 skrev Chris Mutel:

2. While I completely agree that in the scope of LCA flow objects are universal, while activities are located in time and space, we still
need to be able to enter other types of data, such as:
- GDP/population of a country over a time interval
- Recycling rate of different materials in a country (independent of a particular recycling activity, as this is not specified in the input data - could be linked later by the system model)
- Total amount of CO2/other emissions observed at a specific spatial scale over a particular time
The three examples of data you mention are not (raw) data inputs, but rather outputs from querying the database, i.e. they can all be calculated from the raw data. As such these three examples are weel siuted as "competency questions" as requested by Matteo.

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