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Meeting #rdf #ontology at 10:00 AM (Zoom connection details attached) 6 messages By Agneta ·
Start of the #ontology sub-group 56 messages By Chris Mutel ·
#ontology elementary flows 3 messages By Bo Weidema ·
Competency Questions 15 messages By Agneta ·
Task in the Ontology development 3 messages By Matteo Lissandrini (AAU) ·
Post-hackathon ontology group 10 messages By Elias Sebastian Azzi ·
How does the ontology group support the correspondence table group 3 messages By Miguel Fern├índez Astudillo ·
Meeting By Agneta ·
purl domain for bonsai By Bo Weidema ·
Meeting #rdf #ontology Zoom meeting details By Agneta ·
Determining Flow = Reference Flow By Bo Weidema ·
Examples of property-references By Bo Weidema ·
#rdf #rdfframework #followup #ontology By Matteo Lissandrini (AAU) ·
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