Summary of working groups_ 28th March2019


Hi everyone

As we suspended the meeting this evening, here is a quick overview of what we have been doing in Barcelona. Do feel free to add a summary of what you have been doing.

@Chris Writing codes to export exiobase to rdf format (conceptual framework and how to make it rdf compliant) repo name arboris. Each function documented in the source code. Standardize where and how uri is created, used existing scripts and developed a formalized version. Converting electricity data to RDF.

@Tomas: Working on Bontoform with @CHris .Can produce JSON-LD of the use tables from the raw files of Exiobase.
@Carlos: Python optimization model integrated into Bentso. Modify the generation of electricity by technology by subtracting the electricity consumption of pump hydro storage. final output will generate the main database for bentso.
@Bo: Helping around with ontologies- compartment issue in Simapro. 
@Rutger: Worked with the new examples. Identified how compartments could be defined using the ontology without modifying the BONSAI ontology. Looked at how the URIs could be used for the Simapro platform.
@Tom: Testing SPARQL queries. Generating lists of metadata for RDF files.
@Tiago: Converted csv files to correspondence tables to rdf.  Other rdf conversions to US EPA, exiobase to US EPA and climate change files. 
@Miguel: Converted bentso to rdf. Started to develop Metadata for rdf. 
@Matteo: Developed examples in turtle to integrate concepts of markets and transport in relation to BONSAI ontologies. Created rdf repo (This has all the contents of http:/ Namespace for year has been created. 
@Arthur and @Stefano: Developing the system model (works!!!) needs to be updated with electricity information and then it needs to be scripted in mojo.



I'm creating the sparql queries for the competency questions and double checking the examples as well as the ontology. I'm also working on a converter using sparql. Not sure if Tomas was able to upload the entire OM into the test db in Jena so I can continue working on the converter, I think it's the same with the property paths but I have to verify how to end the property paths early.

Miguel Remolona