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Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Hi all,

unfortunately I will not be able to join the call tomorrow.

Here is a quick update  on my side:

- The ontology is pretty stable since the hackathon, although  there are open issues for improvements
- The Triplestore with docker is working properly, with password authentication and docker, open issue is to configure it with portainer.io (I've asked Tomas to help)
- The importer module support the core upload function from .ttl files, the module needs implementation of tests, documentation, and configuration for CI/CD (any help is welcome)
- I've seen some reply about the "call for data", if I understood correctly  we are only waiting for bentso and Exiobase flows (not flow objects)  to be converted into RDF ?
- I'm willing to help with the setup of the workflow that materialize all the various RDF datasets into the triplestore

Please let me know if you have any comment/question/feedback, and if possible keep me posted with the outcome of the meeting.

Thanks a lot,