Outreach in the buildup to the hackathon


Dear all-

I would like to encourage you to start reaching out in whatever medium you feel comfortable with in the next month before the hackathon. Although BONSAI has been around for a while, we have more interested people bringing more ideas and more energy than ever right now. The hackathon is our best chance to finally turn these principles into an actual product, which in turn could lead to a huge increase in engagement and data provision. So even if it feels a bit awkward or arrogant, you have the right to celebrate being part of a movement in the right direction. Share your passion, and you will inspire passion in others! Or, as one of the leading lights in modern philosophy said: "Just do it!"

Personally, I am making an open commitment to writing a blog post a week for the next five weeks (I am mostly announcing this in public so that I have to actually do it :). The first post is "What would a modern Industrial Ecology database look like?" The topic next week will be the management structure of BONSAI, both currently and possibilities for the future.


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