Re: ESWC 2019 Trip Report

Bo Weidema

Congratulations with the poster award, and thanks for the report. Much appreciated!


Den 2019-06-07 kl. 18.01 skrev Matteo Lissandrini (AAU):

Hi all,

I'm back from ESWC'19 in PortoroŇĺ, Slovenia.
The conference is a well known venue for Semantic Web researchers and practitioners.

I've presented our work with the poster and we were lucky enough to win the best poster award:

In general I've talked to other people that worked in building ontologies and we all shared the struggle in finding the right vocabulary, and how to better reuse the existing ones and the standards.
I've added a couple of interesting pointers as issues on github.

For validation of user-submitted data, WikiData recently  started adopting Shape Expressions

For statistical data other groups suggested looking into the "statistical ontology"
this one probably could represent the data that has uncertainty attached to it.

A tool for visualization and editing of ontologies:

Among the people passing by asking for questions a person from Daimler expressed some interest, while a researcher from the German Aerospace Center was interested in understanding the Bonsai use case in relation to a W3C working group in which they are participating.

We also got general approval from some design choices, among which the Ontology of Unit of measures we picked.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



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