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Michele De Rosa

Dear all,

the Denmark-based Bonsamurais have thought to arrange a 2 days in-person workshop to follow-up on some of the open issues left after the hackathon.
The idea is to refresh our memories and hopefully to deliver some useful work in preparation for the next hackathon.

We have identified the following two days as a good fit for the 5 of us in Denmark (Agneta, MASsimo, MATteo, MIChele, MIGuel):

Friday 25 October            - 9:30 to 16:00
Saturday 26th October   - 9:00 to 15:30
We will be working from Aalborg, probably on some of the open issues of the BONSAI-ontology-RDF-framework or of the Correspondence-tables but we will be happy if anybody wants to join us remotely, even for a few hours. Please get in contact with me privately and we will figure out how to connect you remotely.   

Here are some suggestions on topics we might work on:

1) Conversion of remaining data in Exiobase to RDF. For example, currently only the USE and SUPPLY tables have been converted based on the BONSAI core ontology. We still need to convert the extended tables in exiobase (that contain data on emissions etc) to RDF.
For example, discussion are needed to make the conversion in the following cases:
    - Issue 1 The USE table in Exiobase contains info on country of origin of the flow object (only Activity type and agent have location). This has not been incorporated in the core ontology. This needs discussion
    - Issue 2 Certain flow objects and activity type instances present in the extended tables have not been defined. 
2)  Establish and document RDF vocabulary for correspondence tables: Currently it is still not clear which correspondence predicates are to be used and why. This is for open discussion on pros and cons of the various predicates available for correspondence from well established ontologies such as OWL and SKOS.
3) How to use Exiobase data in RDF format: the mojo repository was developed to convert raw rdf data into a computation structure (A matrix). The beebee repository was created to ensure the use of this data on open software such as brightway. However, the information and code in both repositories are not sufficient yet. This could be worked on.

4) I
mprove documentation which is currently very scattered (already ongoing work)
Further suggestions and discussions are welcome. 
Agneta and Michele

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