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Thanks everyone for coming on board with the mini hackathon this weekend. Here are the minutes on what what we have been working with:

1- Clarified how different repositories are linked together. This information is updated in the bonsai main repository. The link to this repository is on the BONSAI web page. (Michele, Agneta, Massimo, Miguel) 
2- Documentation of individual repositories is currently being reviewed. (Michele, Agneta, Carlos, Miguel)

3- .ttl files can now be accessed from (Tomas)
4- Correspondence tables were developed. Trying to create python skeleton for correspondence table #issue25 on this repo. There is also an update on #issue21 on how rdf of correspondece tables could be structured. (Miguel, Massimo)
5- Arborist inspired functions to create .ttl files from correspondence tables. (Miguel, Massimo)
6- Started creation of metadata for all csv tables. (Miguel, Massimo, Michele)
7- Environmentally extended exiobase tables are being converted to .ttl files (Chris)
8- An issue on addressing the location attached to flowobject has been closed. This issue was due to reconstruction of SUT data with trade data. Details on this is uploaded on mojo repository. (Bo, Michele, Matteo)
9- Due to the above change, the current code to convert exiobase to rdf has to be modified (Matteo)
10- The Jena triplestore is now open to everybody to query (i.e. does not need password). Password is still required to upload data (Matteo)
11- Deprecated repositories are achived (Tomas, Agneta)

Good work everyone !!!



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