Re: Online #KnowledgeManagement - audit and suggestions for change #knowledgemanagement

Michele De Rosa

Thank you very much for this summary and for proposing those action points Tom.

After a chat with Tom, my inputs and proposals are listed below:

About Tom's change proposals:

I fully agree with the following suggestion: the website is a static document with basic general information; the wiki "becomes" the primary destination for up-to-date info. In fact, this is already what is happening. The wiki, perhaps in the "getting started" section, should make this distinction clear, linking to the web-page when mentioned; and yes, the participation fee should also be mentioned.
NOTE: The fee and the cases in which the fee might be waved for contributors will be discussed at the next board meeting (next week).

About the action points:

  1. Agree on making a dedicate wiki "Getting-started" page which includes links to basic resources and information. The info in the current wiki front page could be linked to this page and mentioned as a "what is the purpose of this wiki?" or something like that.
  2. LinkedIn groups: the page of the "Bonsai NGO" is just used by the management for advertising relevant events or outcome of the community. If you have something relevant to our activities that you want to post on our LinkedIn page you are of course more than welcome to contact me. The LinkedIn group was instead born before LinkedIn changed the policy on closed groups, which are now not visible unless one is invited to them. The board will discuss at the next meeting whether we should now close this group completely and inform the member that daily updates are now taking place on this mailing list or if we should just inform that but keep the group. In any case, yes the took over the Linked In group as a main communication mean. 
  3. The content on the google drive will be moved (by me). The static documents (e.g. all the minutes of meetings) will be hosted on an "archive" like section on the website (i.e. static info); the mapping and correspondence file will be converted in a machine readable version and move to the GitHub (by me) asap, as part of the working group on correspondence table ("Group 10" in Chris' pool). If you create a section for each group under Projects on the wiki that could be a good place for hosting them, for example. 
  4. Agree, copies will be deleted from other locations (by me).
  5. Experience gained through previous funding applications by network members can definitely be shared within the network for future applications. Clearly, getting funds to finance also a piece of this big puzzle is a common interest. However, I'd avoid publishing them online since they were mostly not in the name of Bonsai, which doesn't have yet sufficient credentials. I am confident this will change soon. 
  6. Outdated information will be removed from the website and moved to an archive as described in point 3 above. Yet, the content of the strategy and work plan  can still be useful on the web page, that we don't want to empty out of all content. Indeed, the web-page is still an useful "high level" marketing tool, a sort of brochure with more static info. If you have suggestions on updating specific content on the web-page (other than what I have already mentioned) please let me know, they are more than welcome.
  7.  I propose to add a link to the on the wiki in the "getting started" section that you Tom proposed, rather than on (that already has a link to the wiki, in case someone ends up on the web-page first). On the wiki instead, I propose to (also) gather all link in a "Useful link" section with links to external resources (external to our Bonsamurai GitHub).
About your fuehrer questions: 
  1. I agree that ‘Status and statutes’ will become only statute and include a link to it. For the status we will forward to the wiki. I will take care of the modifications.
  2. As already mentioned, the "getting started" new section that you proposed will also kindly remind the visitors of the page that we have a modest membership fee.
Thank you for this initiative Tom! Further feedback and contributions are very welcome! 

Michele De Rosa

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