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Hi everyone

Stefano and I were having a discussion on the current and prospective conversion of Exiobase to RDF. Last week we concluded that we will not include the location on flowobject in the exiobase data (look here for details) . 
With respect to this we chalked out the possible workflows.

Currently we use the exiobase SUT  obtained directly from the website, convert it to rdf, load it in the triplestore to be queried by mojo and converted to MRIO table using algoritms (for e.g. by-product technology model). The workflow is given in figure below:

What we are now suggesting is that the large exiobase MRIO tables could be broken down to individual country SUT and individual trade matrices (step 1). Each of these are to be converted into rdf triples (step 2). imported to the triplestore (step 3). Queried by MOJO (Step 4). Apply the necessary algorithms (Step 5) and import it back to the triplestore (Step 6). Please see the diagram below and check if that is correct.  

Specific questions:
  1. Do we need to have a separate repo that breaks the exiobase SUT from the website ? We could also get these country specific tables directly from Stefano. 
  2. Also at what point do we want arrange the data in tidy format instead of a matrix? 


If the workflow seems ok Stefano is ready to work on the MOJO repository.

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