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Bo Weidema

Dear Konstantin,

This is good news to me! This implies that anyone who cares can re-publish them under the same license...

Best regards


Den 2019-11-01 kl. 15.49 skrev Konstantin Stadler:

These folders are as public as the updates of EXIOBASE (for everyone who contacts us) - they are in the public folder. I know that this is not the most elegant solution (not much I can do...).

On 01/11/2019 15:45, Bo Weidema wrote:
I am aware that we have priority access as consortium members. I was hinting to making this publicly available...


Den 2019-11-01 kl. 15.28 skrev Konstantin Stadler:
Hi Bo/2.0 LCA Team

You (trough Stefano) have access to the repository having the country SUT tables. I can add more people to the box account if needed.


On 30/10/2019 17:35, Bo Weidema wrote:
Den 2019-10-30 kl. 16.07 skrev Agneta:

Do we need to have a separate repo that breaks the exiobase SUT from the website ? We could also get these country specific tables directly from Stefano.
Why do the EXIOBASE consortium not just publish these on the website, saving us the hazzle of re-constructing the original data?




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