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Konstantin Stadler

Hi Bo,

That's muddy waters. The version on has a licence which applies to the data there. This is the outcome of the EU-funded project.

The data on box is without licence. We worked on that without funding and share it with colleagues bona fides - either for collaborations on research or b/c they contributed to the db. The bona fides part is that they apply the same rules before sharing the data further.

Anyway, the details here are something not in my hand - at the end the consortium (afak including 2.0 LCA) needs to decide. Perhaps have a chat with Richard/Arnold?


On 1 November 2019 19:09:39 CET, Bo Weidema <bo.weidema@...> wrote:

Dear Konstantin,

This is good news to me! This implies that anyone who cares can re-publish them under the same license...

Best regards


Den 2019-11-01 kl. 15.49 skrev Konstantin Stadler:
These folders are as public as the updates of EXIOBASE (for everyone who contacts us) - they are in the public folder. I know that this is not the most elegant solution (not much I can do...).

On 01/11/2019 15:45, Bo Weidema wrote:
I am aware that we have priority access as consortium members. I was hinting to making this publicly available...


Den 2019-11-01 kl. 15.28 skrev Konstantin Stadler:
Hi Bo/2.0 LCA Team

You (trough Stefano) have access to the repository having the country SUT tables. I can add more people to the box account if needed.


On 30/10/2019 17:35, Bo Weidema wrote:
Den 2019-10-30 kl. 16.07 skrev Agneta:

Do we need to have a separate repo that breaks the exiobase SUT from the website ? We could also get these country specific tables directly from Stefano.
Why do the EXIOBASE consortium not just publish these on the website, saving us the hazzle of re-constructing the original data?




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