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Bo Weidema

Dear Stefano,

Thanks for your reflections. In the long run, BONSAI should of course not rely on Exiobase or any other processed data, but on as a "raw" data source as possible. For IO tables, this means national Supply Use data, obtained directly from the national statistical agencies etc. Back-calulating these from Exiobase would in all cases just be a temporary solution to get a good start with a relatively complete database.

Best regards


Den 2019-11-04 kl. 11.16 skrev Stefano Merciai:

Hi all,

I can provide the Exiobase hybrid version of national tables but I wonder whether this is the way to go. I try to explain it better.

Exiobase is a multi-regional IO database, therefore on the website you can only download MR-tables. Of course who contributes to Exiobase has as intermediate result the national tables stored somewhere but not on the official Exiobase website. But then, does Bonsai rely on publicly available data or on 'confidential' data? In the light of future updates, what is the best way to go?

And what if we intend to use other world IO databases such as the WIOD? We will have the same problem.

However, moving from MR-tables to a national table is a quite simple procedure because we just need to aggregate rows and columns. This procedure could be easily generalized for future imports of multi-regional databases. The only issue I see here is that Exiobase will be stored twice on the Bonsai storage.



On 01/11/2019 15:45, Bo Weidema wrote:

I am aware that we have priority access as consortium members. I was hinting to making this publicly available...


Den 2019-11-01 kl. 15.28 skrev Konstantin Stadler:
Hi Bo/2.0 LCA Team

You (trough Stefano) have access to the repository having the country SUT tables. I can add more people to the box account if needed.


On 30/10/2019 17:35, Bo Weidema wrote:
Den 2019-10-30 kl. 16.07 skrev Agneta:

Do we need to have a separate repo that breaks the exiobase SUT from the website ? We could also get these country specific tables directly from Stefano.
Why do the EXIOBASE consortium not just publish these on the website, saving us the hazzle of re-constructing the original data?




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