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Bo Weidema

Den 2019-11-08 kl. 10.59 skrev Chris Mutel:

A trade activity (does trade need to be flow-object specific? In the future, does it need to be specific to transport mode?)
International trade activities, i.e. activities that move use of an export to become an import supply, do need to be FlowObject specific. Each such trade activity can have inputs of different transport modes, insurance, and other trade facilitation activities, as well as outputs of product losses. However, in Exiobase, these international trade activities are (as far as I understand) integrated in the national data, so to avoid double counting can be ignored. Of course, at some point in time, someone will want to separate these out from the national tables, but that is not required for now.
One minor technical question - do we take trade data from the supply or use table? From my uninformed perspective, I would expect this data to be the same in both tables, but I don't underestimate the ability of data providers to surprise me anymore!
The trade data appear as imports in the Exiobase use table. Note that this is different from the way it appears in national supply-use tables.

The above is according to the best of my knowledge. I assume Stefano can correct me if I should be wrong.


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