Intro Mail


Hello at All,


My Name is Matthias Dollfuss (27), I’m from Austria studying Eco-Design (Ecological Product-Development) at the University of Applied Science in Wieselburg.

Before studying Eco-Design I did Web Development in Python (Plone). I’m also in a Start-Up where we want to change the Fashion Industry to be more Sustainable.


I came across BONSAI cause I was searching for a new open source tool for doing LCA’s and displaying them also on E-Commerce stores,

so that there would be more transparency about environmental impacts of the different products.

I’m searching for a Master Thesis Project, which combines LCA and Web-Development, so I registered in your Mail group to find out if Bonsai would be an option, for me.


I was wondering about the actual state of the Project, maybe you could give me more information about that. 😊



All the best


Matthias Dollfuss






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