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Bo Weidema

Dear Emil and Agneta,

A warm velcome to Emil. Re. provenance of the individual numbers, there is a good description on the wiki, relating to the recommedations from RDA. This is an elegant and efficient way of handling this issue, I think.

Best regards


Den 2019-11-13 kl. 12.42 skrev Agneta:

Dear all

I would like to introduce Emil Riis Hansen to the Bonsai community. He has been recently employed as a research assistant with the computer science department at Aalborg University. 

Emil is interested in working with adding provenance to our current BONSAI ontology. 

Provenance helps us add information on the origin of data.i.e where does the data come from/ who generated the data/ licence of the data etc. We had discussed this issue during the hackathon but hadn't developed it since.
Currently Emil has proposed a high level provenance which is limited to determining the origin of the dataset and not individual values in it. For example, if anyone queries data from BONSAI, they will get the info that the data is sourced from Exiobase, but if other datasets are integrated to semantic web using Bonsai ontology, they will find information on the origin of that dataset. Provenance of individual values in a dataset is harder to determine as they may be calculated, estimated, or raw data from the data provider.

Emil is currently also preparing a conference paper with respect to how he plans to add provenance to the current ontology. For the purpose of this paper, it would be useful to upload the provenance information to the current rdf data we have on the Jena database. This will help the reviewers query the information as presented in the paper.

If anyone here has been working with provenance or are interested, please feel free to write to me.
Kind regards



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