Re: Adding provenance #ontology #intro #provenance


Thanks for the document Bo

The document recommends timestamping of the datapoints and query outputs. Although I am unsure what degree will we be able to add provenance to each value on Exiobase. Although Exiobase does use data from multiple sources it adds some algorithms to provide a balanced dataset. In other words, its a secondary dataset (primary datasets are those which contain raw data)

If in future some values are changed, this leads to the publication of a new version of the dataset. So the provenance for all values in exiobase is generated asĀ exiobase + (specific version).
My question is do we need to have provenance of individual values in a secondary dataset. Its different when we have minute by minute information of temperature change in a region (raw data). Here the timestamping of individual values might be more relevant.

What do you think?

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