Re: Base nomenclature - theory into practice

Bo Weidema

Hi Chris,

Would be happy to help, but what is your question? In BONSAI parlance, I think the "base classification" is the one that at any point in time is most detailed.


Den 28.11.2019 kl. 10.25 skrev Chris Mutel:

Dear all-

PSI and LIST are part of a consortium of research groups trying to
make prospective LCA better. To accomplish this, we have decided to
create a standard implementation merging LCI databases with scenarios
from energy system models or integrated assessment models. The
software would be in Python and based on

As our aim is to support multiple systems, we need a reference base
nomenclature for products and activities. As far as I can tell, we
have invested a lot in building up various correspondence tables, but
do not have a lot of development on a base nomenclature with
scientific justification. (On the other hand, I think we have made a
lot of progress in how to describe any such system.) I assume that
such a system will start with a standard classification (e.g. GS1,
NACE, etc.), and then use industry-specific classifications when more
detail is needed (e.g. One important
exception here is electricity, where I don't find a standard system
that captures the level of detail we need (e.g. utility versus
roof-top solar).

As Tomas N. and I are responsible for the technical foundation of this
consortium, we have the chance to build it BONSAI-compatible from the
beginning - but we need to make decisions soon on this critical issue.
Any input from the list would be greatly appreciated.



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